8-21 November 2021

Shloss Wand, near Lientz, Austria

Working in partnership with Volkskammer Berlin, Test Space International invited a group of UK artists to show work at the Volkskammer curator, G Bekken Wand’s, summer residence in the Austrian Tyrol.

Due to the difficulties brought about by Covid (including a new full lockdown in Austria) and ongoing travel restrictions, this was literally an on line show, with works by individual artists only viewable via websites and social media.

The works were displayed in the domestic environment of Schloss Wand using a washing line as the means of display. The only constraint, apart from works being of a nature that they could be displayed on the line, was the threat of an oncoming winter…

Artists were:

Chloe Langlois, Dinosaur Kilby, Harry Meadley, Helen K Grant, Mark Samsworth, Martyn Cross, Matt Benton, Olivia Parr, Thomas Goddard and Zanne Andrea