Unn Devik and Shannon Watson – ‘For a Fellow’

Exhibition 19 January – 3 February 2019

Preview Friday 18 January, 6-9pm

I suppose I just enjoy the sense of community this place inspires. Furthermore, if you have laundry that requires a thorough clean this is the place to go.” Claire, 2010

Each item of clothing is a word, like a stich it lends itself to repetition. How much longer until my washing is done?” Zum, 2018

“For a Fellow” by Unn Devik (Falmouth University) and Shannon Watson (Plymouth College of Art) wraps up their 3-month Graduate Fellowship Residency at Spike Island. During this residency the artists have considered the word fellow as in a comrade or associate. The artists have then kept this in mind as they have worked in paint, performance and participation in relation to communication, repetition, the everyday and the liminal. The artists hope – whilst unifying their practices in a collaborative exhibition – to address their individual origins of interest for these subjects. For example, the interest in the laundrette for Shannon derives from the static place awaiting activation. On the other hand Unn approaches the laundrette with an interest in repetition and the cyclical.