The Sun is God: Helen Grant

A punk rock DIY ethos permeates Helen Grant’s practice. Low grade, found materials, such as polystyrene and plastics, are transformed into wryly humorous sculpture and painting. The irreverent, cock-a-snoot, approach belies a high degree of formalism. Grant’s work often defies interpretation and insists on its right to exist without justification. Audacity is tempered by bathos and a sense of longing.

Helen Grant lives and works in Bristol where she is based at Spike Island studios. She graduated with MA Fine Art from the University of the West of England in June 2014. Recent exhibitions include Assemble Now at the Inland Arts Festival, Redruth (2014), Helen Grant at Fringe Arts Bath (2014) and Curtains 4 U at alldaybreakfast, Bristol (2014). In 2013 her work was selected for Creekside and Motorcade/Flashparade National Open competitions.

Helen Grant - The Sun is God

Helen Grant - The Sun is God  Helen Grant - The Sun is God

Pictures thanks to Richard Broomhall