Test Space Beamer (Bring Your Own Battery)

Centre of Gravity, Bristol, Saturday 17 October, 6-9pm

Test Space Beamer took place on Saturday 17 October from 6-9pm at Centre of Gravity, the Gardiner Haskins Building, Bristol.

‘Bring Your Own Beamer’ (BYOB) is an idea by Rafaël Rozendaal where artists come together in a non hierarchical and organic way to stage showings of their projected imagery and films using their own equipment over the space of a few hours in a busy environment.

In normal times this is an anarchic event where would be projectionists jostle for space and project overlapping images in a vibrant mess where there is little or no distinction between artist and audience.

But these are not normal times….

While we had a perfect venue – in terms of a warehouse with good clean walls for projection – we also had Covid …. and very few electricity sockets…

So, we had to adjust the BYOB format to enable as many people as possible to show and view work, whilst avoiding ‘mingling’… This meant we had to ask people in advance what equipment (but not content) that they wanted to bring. On top of this, even tighter Government restrictions on audience numbers meant we had to restrict attendance to thirty pre booked participants.

We also needed as many people as possible to bring equipment that was self powered – ideally by battery. 

It was a bit of a way from Rafaël Rozendaal’s original free for all but we think we were able to show that we can still stage vibrant yet safe events in this Covid period.

Link to Bring Your Own Beamer concept – http://www.byobworldwide.com/