Sweatlodge: Zanne Andrea, Martyn Cross and Brendan Lancaster

11th-27th July 2014

Sweat Lodge is an exhibition of recent work by Zanne Andrea, Martyn Cross and Brendan Lancaster. It is about chance, instinct, repetitious acts and a primal urge to communicate something, but without quite knowing what to say. In equating the act of studio practice with that of purification or cleansing, the hard graft of art-making takes on an almost ritualistic nature where everything is reduced to a base level. By rummaging around physically and mentally for elements to bring together, each artist chooses to let outside forces and materials dictate the final outcome of work.



http://yateheads.blogspot.co.uk/ – Martyn Cross




Sweat - from Bavaria ZA

Sweat Guesswork BL

Sweat dread gulf MC

Sweat headlongspeed ZA

Sweat Glass - BL

Sweat - I lke it so

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