Stollen (All I want for Christmas)

Exhibition 30 September to 15 October 2017

Preview Friday 29 September, 6-8pm

In a world of post appropriation, Stollen (All I Want For Christmas) pieces together an homage to the made, the found, the acquired and the stolen.

The exhibition asks us to look at presentation and perception, truth and value through a range of materials and artefacts. Beginning with a collection of artworks and artefacts acquired by various means, Stollen posits the questions of ownership when images are continuously shared and re-shared, how the self in mainstream media has become a fulcrum for immediacy and whether a desire for permanence and authenticity is tenable in an era of the post-truth.

Featuring: Kim Kardashian West, Michael Dean, Jeremy Deller, Pierre Leguillon, John Christian Schetky, Bryan Goos, Bambi, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Melissa Gordon, Nastio Mosquito, Hedwig Houben, Siobhan Hapaska, Alberto Korda, Angus Donachie, Matt Stokes, Marcus Coates, Martin Parr, David Blandy.

Full text for the show is here: Stollen text