Rebecca Swindell – Surface Stories

26 November – 11 December 2016
Rebecca Swindell 1

Rebecca Swindell’s exhibition Surface Stories was an exploration of drawn narratives on a variety of different surfaces and found objects.

A main part of Rebecca Swindell’s practice is drawing and extracting narratives from every day objects. Her work is concerned with documenting human behavior and illuminating the perspectives of individuals.  She is interested in how wider forces such as economics, politics, fashion and social norms shape and effect people’s personal lives. She is drawn to personal accounts, narratives and life stories and uses these anecdotes to explore society. She takes what may be considered mundane objects or ordinary places as her source material because of what they can reveal about people, their past and the events that have shaped their lives. Rebecca Swindell Lives and works in Bristol, graduating from Winchester School of Art in 2002.


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