Phil Frankland – Stainer

Exhibition 18 January to 2 February

Preview Friday 17 January, 6 – 8.30pm

“Through painting, personal narratives and visual histories can be constantly dug up, questioned, agonised over, copied, and regurgitated. Painting is a medium always in rehearsal, always practising its lines.”

As an artist, Frankland aims to sidestep any familiar lineage of painting-making, in order to explore freedom of content and material. Playing with both handmade and digital sources of mark-making results in a deep intimacy between what can be perceived as purposeful interference and the byproducts of the process of making, layering and blending.

Frankland has recently been using a household inkjet printer and scanner as a tool to quickly blend printed imagery, handmade marks and spills into images which relate to both the static nature of the printer and the looseness of artist-controlled interferences. The scanner is used to produce digital gestures over heavy, dirty gestures made with paint, ink, clay, pigment and varnishes.

For Test Space he developed the most recent results of this ongoing process into the physical space of the gallery. Differentiating between studio and gallery, he presented expanded copies of these print/painting hybrids alongside older and newer paintings as an extension of a studio setting.

As a reflection of his process he pulled apart the scale of works in the space, forcing relationships between works with louder physical gestures together with quieter, more materially tactile interventions.


Phil Frankland (b. 1991, Isle of Man) is an artist living and working in London. He gained his BA from Newcastle University in 2014, and his MA from KASK in Ghent in 2017.