Passing through the mother hole – Hayley Lock

Hayley Lock – Passing through the mother hole

Test Space, Spike Island, Bristol

Exhibition runs: 4 – 19 July (closed Mondays)
Preview Friday 3 July, 6pm onwards

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Sliding between consciousness and unconsciousness, dreams and reality, body and spirit Lock attempts to capture conversational dialogues across parallel time frames, identities and locations.

Looking closely at the intimate work and world of mystic Carlos Castaneda, Lock attempts to identify key moments where Castaneda speaks with and through his Chacmools (three female apprentices) in a bid to explain his theory Tensegrity.

Her dark glass has excavated a multiplex of physical and spiritual experiences that will be performed and displayed travelling through time, space, holes, doorways and mothers. Working with and under hypnosis Lock assumes the identity of one or more altered selves, this time passing through a Chacmool, creating new systemic structures of belief.

Re-staging obscure, fractured and often forgotten histories Lock exhumes, re –imagines, appropriates and mirrors back a pseudo fantastical world where hallucinatory visions are commonplace and imagination is rife, revealing a dark world in perpetual crisis.

Hayley Lock graduated from Goldsmiths College in 1989 and from The University of Essex in 2012. She had five solo shows spread across the UK in 2011/12 for (Now that would be) Telling an ACE Grants for the Arts award and has exhibited nationally and internationally in selected group shows and collaborations.