May Day May Day All Works Will Be Shown

Preview Friday 29 April

Exhibition 30 April – 14 May 2017

May Day May Day All Works Will Be Shown was an Open Call Out Photocopy Show of work from over a hundred national and international artists, writers, performers, creative and noncreatives.

In these perilous times the exhibition title focuses on the ideals of democracy and solidarity; as the title proclaims, all the submissions are shown without the hierarchy of a selection process. The ubiquitous photocopier is the champion of countless zines, home publications, pamphlets and the world of mass reproduction. This exhibition celebrates the birth of the xerographic printer in the last century and its continuing role as a voice in the digital age.

The exhibition was part open call postal submission and part works made in real time during the Spike Open Weekend.

List of artists:

Adam Garratt

Alanna Hazel Brown

Alex Billingham

Alice Sterck

Alison Goodyear

Ally Wallace

Andreea Stan

Angela Read

Anna Boland


Barrie Badman

Barrie J Davies

Ben Tupper

Beth Mackrill

Blu Rider

Broughton & Birnie

Bruce Dykov

C Broomfield

Carol Laidler

Cathy Lewis

Catrin Wallace

Charlie Coffey

Charlie Wright

Chen Bo

Chris Alton

Clem Nboko

Colin Higginson

Creed Wall

Dace Kruger

Dani Landau

David Alesworth

David Mylor

Dawn Giles

Deborah Westmancoat

Denise Dumas

Devon Forrester-Jones

Éilis Kirby

Elena Brake

Emily Donald

Erik Spengall

Esther Tyler-Ward

Eve Marguerite Allen

Eve Turner-Lee

Fin Hunt

Fiona Haines

Fiona Winning

Francesca Latroni

Francis Martin

Francoise Claude

G Bekken Wand

Gemma K Stevens

Harland & Johnson

Helen Grant

Helen Pearce

Helena Swatton

Henning Wengern

Henry Garrett

Huma Mulji

Huw Andrews

Inguna Gremzde

Irena Czapska

J Mason

James Hutchinson

James Marcus Norman

James McColl

Janet Allsbrook

Janie George

Jenny Dunseath

Jessica Wright

Jill Laudet

Jo Hudson

Joe Edgely

John Kelham

John Minton

Johnny Carroll-Pell

Josh Wright & Guillaume Vandame

Julien Mason

Kamina Walton

Kate Parsons

Kate Selny Dunkirk

Katy Connor

Kirsty Foster

Kurt Hickson

Lauren Curl

Liz Johnson

Lizi Hoar

Louise Riou Djukic

M Mos

Mahali O’Hare

Maria Borrer

Maria Del Ramos

Martyn Cross

Mary B Eighteen

Mary Parker

Mia De Azevedo

Min Mughal

Minton & Sons

Mona Wilmen

Nattie Neumann

Nectarios Stamatopoulos

Nicola Naismith

No Name

Not A Warhol

Olivia Jones

Olivia O’Sullivan

P Larkin

Pat Jamieson

Patrick Colhourn

Peter Gudynas

Phil Toy

Polly Cruse

Polly Kelsall


Prerna Chaniramani

Quiet British Accent

Rai Marie

Robert Foster

Robert Moon

Robert Ridley- Shackleton

Roman Górowska

Ronald Van Plessen

Rosemary Lane

Ruby Bateman

Sandy Creighton

Sarah King

Sarah Maffett

Sarah Rhys


Shirley Murray

Simon Olley

So-Ha Au

Sophia Siossios

Sophie Atkins

Stef Zelynskyj

Steve McCarthy

Sue Maude

Sue Rodgers

Tamsin Corrigan

Tania Robertson

Theo Wood

Theodora Ballantyne-Way

Tina Dempsey

Tor Knausggard

Trevor H Smith

Vera Boele-Keimer

Victor J Moreton



William Thomas

Yu-Chen Wang

Yushiro Takanaka

Zanne Andrea