Matt Antoniak – Sasquatch

Exhibition 6 – 21 April 2019

Preview Friday 5 April, 6-9pm


Sasquatch was an exhibition and installation of new paintings made in the past year by Matt Antoniak.

For the past 2 years, Antoniak has been collecting and making work from the scraps of paper used to test materials at a local art store. These scraps are covered in doodles and throwaway marks – which are then photographed, scanned, cropped and layered before being painted in detail.

Instead of working towards mimicry, the forensic study given to these discarded marks opens up a flexible interpretation of the source material. Deriving meaning from these works is left open ended, with a slippage in translation occurring through the process and formal qualities of the work.

Within a current society personal opinion is increasingly black and white, and self-promotion is also on the upsurge. On occasion uncomfortable with the emotional grandiosity of art-making (and painting within that), Antoniak seeks to create micro-authorships within his work, in an effort to push against the cliché of the intuitive gesture of the genius painter.

Matt Antoniak (b.1991, Nottingham).

Recent exhibitions include: Testing, Unit 3 Projects, London; Manchester Contemporary, w/ Workplace Foundation; The Everyday Political, CGP, London; Elbows at Dawn, Abingdon Studios, Blackpool. Upcoming exhibitions include solo shows at Workplace Foundation, Gateshead, and Chopping Block, London. Antoniak is co-director of the art organisations Slugtown and MILK.