Episodes in Cultural Imperialism: The Democratic Republic of Free People(s)

09 – 11 October 2015

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In the winter of 2015, four months after becoming UWE Spike Island Graduate Fellow, Simon Hood fell dangerously in love with Freedom. Complications from this romance led to a confrontation, and eventually Hood was confronted with Democracy. This kept Hood unFree for nearly a year. Hood fell seriously behind with his art work.

Upon awakening from this illness That: Simon Hood, alive with a new Freedom, renounced the world of art work and instantly became the incandescent enigma that is This; The democratically Elected Leader of The Democratic Republic of Free People(s). Wake up Freedom. Don’t pretend that you are Democracy. Get yourself up off that Democratic Republic of Free People. Back off . . Boogaloo.

An exhibition by Simon Hood in collaboration with Spike Island volunteers, presenting a body of work focusing on the metamorphosis of Test Space into the independent country The Democratic Republic of Free People(s).