Skye 2

Exhibition  11-26 March, 2017

Preview Friday 10 March, 6-8pm


In January 2017, Test Space International and Volkskammer, Berlin presented ‘Operation Skye’, a series of works, performances and interractions which took place on and around 573904.1N 062400.6W at Kilmuir, North Skye, Scotland.

This exhibition re-placed these works (and sometimes what remained of them) within the antiseptically neutral environment of the traditional white cube gallery. Stripped of their original context, where weather (particularly the wind), time of day and light (or more especially the quality and sometimes absence of it), dominated the works – to the extent that some were virtually impossible to physically install and others suffered enormous damage and even destruction – the exhibition questions what we can ever really know about place or experience without being physically present ourselves…

With Julian Claxton, Tom Goddard, Helen Grant, Will Kendrick, Jo Lathwood, Milo Newman and Natasha Rosling, Mark Samsworth, Solveig Settemsdal

The exhibition also included a text piece by Philip Rush, entitled: Operation Skye : Arthur Ransome and Contemporary Conceptual Art.

PDF of Gallery Handout here: Skye 2

Links to videos by the Blue Rider and Mark Samsworth