Andy Jackson: Incarnation (The Possibilities of Datum)


Andy Jackson: Incarnation (The Possibilities of Datum)
Friday 3 June 2016 – Sunday 19 June 2016
Preview – 6-8pm, Friday 3rd June
Opening Hours: Daily (except Mondays) 12-5pm

Datum: a piece of information implying information as a physical entity: a painting as opposed to a digital reproduction. A thing as opposed to light emitted from a screen. These Datums are the sum of physical matters, accumulated into an illusional whole: green marking within a darkened void, framed by pastel-plasticity. A version of painting that recall encounters with artefacts in a museum. Marking as process with a look of tropical plantation or objects looked at through X ray apparatus (and then back again to marking). Pastel-plasticity frame plus a glow from the dark – the intimate screen encounter, ubiquitous smartphone look.

Insrt the Datum – singular information – a unity of features portrayed as a whole, immersed in an expanded field. The compact Datum floats on washed out spectrums of colour – a singular now coupled with another. Bodily scale with units of intimacy, preceding and receding- on top, sunken or elevated depending on how close you stand to the painting.

Andy Jackson is an artist based in London. Incarnation will be his first solo exhibition in a gallery space. Previously this year he held a solo exhibition on the windows of a disused decorators shop entitled Paintshop.
Since leaving Goldsmiths College in 2006 with an MFA he has exhibited in the John Moores Painting Prize 2014 and Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2006. Later this year he will be presenting a solo exhibition at SE9 Container Space in London. Previous selected exhibitions include Blueprint at Interview Room 11 in Edinburgh, (2015) In(habitat) at Lion and Lamb Gallery (2014), London and Ici Londres at Galerie Silin, Paris (2013).